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Sir Nick Faldo and David Edel Partner to Create Faldo by Edel

Waveland Texas Ventures, LLC is pleased to announce that their portfolio company, Edel Golf, has partnered with Sir Nick Faldo.   

Partnering with well-known master craftsman, David Edel of Edel Golf, the duo will launch Faldo by Edel; the ultimate customized clubs to include putters, irons, wedges and limited edition products created with individual golfers on all levels in mind.  

"Faldo by Edel, is the realization of a golf dream for me," says Faldo who is known as one of golf's truest perfectionists.  "I've long been an advocate of customizing equipment for look, feel and individuality. David is a precision engineer and an artist and he and his team make true one- of-a-kind equipment with craftsmanship and technical know-how applied to each club."

"Knowing how fastidious he was as a player about equipment and performance, I was not shocked that Nick understood our vision," said David Edel, Chairman of Edel Golf.  "This is a man with huge vision, knowledge of the game, artistic prowess and insight.  Together we will design practical and functional products and concepts to help golfers of all abilities to maximize their game."

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