Venture Capital - Investment Strategy
Our investment methodology focuses on the dual bottom line goals of investor return and economic development.
The primary metrics utilized to determine an appropriate risk/reward opportunity include:
  • Quality and depth of the management team.
  • Significant equity ownership retained by the company’s principals with a material percentage of their personal net worth at stake.
  • Products or ideas that address dynamic markets with quantifiable and predictable growth potential.
  • A leading edge or breakthrough technology or service.
  • Initial focus on top line revenue growth with ability to reach profitability within a defined time period.
  • Multiple exit strategies.
The following factors are considered when analyzing the Community benefit associated with our investments:
  • Job creation with a focus on high wage paying positions.
  • Leveraging of investment capital with follow-on or co-investment.
  • Expediency of capital deployment.
  • Demographic characteristics of company under consideration:
    • Low and Moderate Income Areas.
    • Enterprise Zones.
    • Renewal Communities.
    • HUB Zones.
    • CDFI Hot Zones.
  • $250,000 to $2,500,000.
  • Preferred & Common Stock.
  • Senior Debt.
  • Mezzanine & Sub-Debt.
Boa Technologies
Description: Located in Steamboat Springs, Boa Technologies is the developer of the patented Boa Lacing System™, a high performance footwear closure device. (
Edel Golf
Description: The worldwide leader in putter fitting technologies. Premium performance putters by David Edel have become synonymous with players seeking a custom fit with laser focus on aim and proper speed. (
Teladoc Medical Services
Description: Teladoc Medical Services, a Dallas-based provider of 24/7 tele-health consultations, has raised $4 million in funding from existing backers Cardinal Partners and HLM Venture Partners. (
Sensorbit Systems
Description: An early stage company developing and commercializing a revolutionary technology that is capable of detecting trace amounts of complex chemical vapors in seconds. (
Parker Medical
Description: Located in Englewood, Parker Medical is a medical device company that specializes in the field of airway management (intubation). (
Description: Located in Centennial, ToolWatch is a software development company that specializes in asset tracking and inventory management systems. (
Description: Located in Grand Junction, Taber Auto is an automobile repair and body shop.(
Hometown Access
Description: Located in Littleton, Hometown Access is a wireless internet service provider.
Idea! Communications
Description: Located in Denver, Idea! Communications provides a single source customer service solution for a wide range of business customers.
Description: Located in Denver, Idea! Communications provides a single source customer service solution for a wide range of business customers.
Description: Located in Denver, CrowdFunder is a social networking site that is designed to create a shared marketplace for user created content.
Wedding Points
Description: Located in Birmingham, Wedding Points is a loyalty and rewards program targeted at the Wedding industry.
Description: Located in Huntsville, Comlet develops and markets electronic publishing systems built on proprietary technology for distribution on the internet.
Description: Located in Montgomery, HospiScript is a leading pharmacy benefits manager focused solely on the hospice industry.
Description: Located in Elba, Bridgeville Trailers is a manufacturer of standard and customized truck trailers.
The Mobile Attic
Description: Located in Birmingham, Mobile Storage, LLC provides portable storage solutions in partnership with The Mobile Attic.
Description: Located in Birmingham, Awarix provides workflow solutions that maximize utilization efficiencies across the hospital enterprise.
Audio Visual Excellence
Description: Located in Birmingham, Audio Visual Excellence provides residential and commercial multi-media solutions.
Description: Located in Birmingham, Fire Rock is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of prefabricated fireplace inserts. (
Highland Campus Health
Description: Located in Dallas, Highland Campus Health is the only company in the nation that bills and collects insurance company revenue for clinical services strictly on behalf of campus health centers. HCH clients include, Baylor, Arizona State, Rutgers, Ohio University, and North Texas State. (
Description: Located in Dallas, Hyperion is an early-stage oil and gas exploration company.
Description: Located in San Antonio, MiPueblo publishes a Spanish Yellow Pages directory.
Five States
Description: Located in Dallas, Five States is an oil and gas exploration and acquisition company.
Description: Located in Waxahachie, MCS manufacturers custom communications trailers for public safety first responders and specialty service providers.(
Integrated Portfolio Management System
Description: Located in Austin, Integrated Portfolio Management Systems provides innovative servicing solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.(